Western Canada Cup Manitoba Medal Winners

Congratulations to the following Gymnasts who won medals this past weekend at the Western Canada Cup Trampoline and Tumbling Competition in Calgary.

Pierce Barlow of Steinbach Flippers: GOLD- Level 3 Men’s Tumbling, BRONZE- Level 3 Men’s Double mini trampoline

Keaton Savard of Steinbach Flippers: SILVER- Level 3 Men’s Tumbling, SILVER- Level 3 Men’s Double mini trampoline, 10th- Level 3 Men’s Trampoline

Isaiah Klassen of Steinbach Flippers: BRONZE- Level 4 Men’s Double mini trampoline, BRONZE- Level 3 Men’s Tumbling, 6th- Level 3 Men’s Trampoline

Lauren Hawkins of Panthers: GOLD- Level 2 Women’s 2003- Trampoline, 7th- Level 1 women’s 2003- Tumbling

Benjamin Pinsk of Panthers: GOLD: Level 1 Men’s Tumbling, 5th- Level 2 Men’s Double mini trampoline, 8th- Level 2 Men’s Trampoline