Up Down All Around

Up Down All Around is the best resource for teaching young children the fundamental movements in Gymnastics. It is written for primary school teachers and recreational coaches who may or may not have a strong background in Gymnastics. The underlying theory and organization of these Lesson Plans are forming the basis for curriculum development in Physical Education at different levels of the educational system across Canada. It consists of 60 Lesson Plans divided into three Series (A, B, C) of 20 plans each.

  • Series A is suitable for children in Grades 1 and 2.
  • Series B is suitable for children in Grades 3 and 4.
  • Series C is suitable for children in Grades 5 and 6.

Each Lesson Plan is a separate booklet and is three-hole punched, it progresses through five sections which follow a scope and sequence that make teaching and learning easy, safe and fun.

The Five Sections

  • Activation
    • to create a learning atmosphere
    • to get the class moving
    • to introduce lesson theme
    • setting the tone of the class
  • Directed Learning
    • through the use of Building Blocks
    • to develop safe & confident body management
    • to instill confidence to explore/build on learning
    • to develop good posture & fitness basics
  • Exploratory Learning
    • student directed learning
    • to explore, invent & stretch imaginations
    • to translate student’s ideas into movement
    • to work individually & in groups
  • Repetition & Reinforcement
    • links with previous lessons
    • lesson content reviewed and consolidated
    • for exceptional classes
  • Lesson Expander
    • ideas to extend lesson, time permitting
    • for exceptional classes

The focus of the teaching and learning is on the six basic Gymnastics Movement Patterns (Statics, Landings, Swings, Rotations, Springs, Locomotions). The Lessons are purposely designed to be physically demanding not skill demanding, with the emphasis on body management, fun and fitness. If you wish to place an order, contact the MGA.