Membership & Registration Info

The Manitoba Gymnastics Association provides leadership, services and program development for a growing membership over 8,500.

What are the benefits of joining the MGA?

  • MGA carries liability and accident insurance for all members
  • MGA provides access to development programs for Athletes, Coaches and Judges (clinics, workshops, resource materials)
  • MGA provides access to and member rates for the Cangym program and courses and clinics hosted by the MGA
  • MGA provides clubs with access to MGA competitions from regional stream to national stream, provides clubs the opportunity to host major gymnastic competitions and provides MGA certified Judges for competitions upon request
  • MGA provides clubs with copies of the MGA calendar, newsletters, fundraising and sponsorship opportunities.
  • MGA has one of the lowest registration fees in Canada.
  • Our mandate is to develop, promote and guide gymnastics as a lifetime activity in Manitoba. We are here for you!


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