Regional Stream

Manitoba Gymnastics Association’s Regional Stream Program is the base of the competitive program.

It involves children in an organized sport environment, developing skills and preparing for a future in higher levels of competition. The Program encompasses both the recreational aspect of Gymnastics using the Cangym Badge program, and leads to competition through a competitive program suited for this level of gymnast.

The Regional Stream Program is the largest Competitive Stream. It offers both the environment for participation in gymnastics and an avenue for those developing towards high performance gymnastics.

The program is evaluated on an annual basis and routine requirements are refined to challenge the level of athlete, keep them interested in participating, and to stay current with the developments made in the sport. The Gymnasts train 2-3 times a week.

The program assists in the development of athletes, coaches and officials. It also involves many volunteers from the community to host events.

All Gymnasts and Coaches must be registered members and in good standing with the Manitoba Gymnastics Association.