There are 31 gymnastics clubs in the province. Each club organizes their recreation program. These programs may include the Cangym Program, “in-house” competitions, and displays.
All programs are about “Fun, Fitness and Fundamentals”. Gymnasts participate 1-2 times a week.

The Manitoba Gymnastics Association assists in the Recreational program by holding clinics to educate coaches, supports the Cangym program, advertises on our website on behalf of clubs, as well as providing an excellent insurance package.

Recreational Gymnastics is one of the best activities for contributing to the overall development of a child as it teaches children how to control their bodies. For children and adults of all abilities, gymnastics provides the foundation for participation and success in all other athletic activities. In many nations, gymnastics training precedes introduction to any other sport as a way of avoiding injuries and helping children establish a foundation for future success and enjoyment in sport. Skills included in a basic gymnastics curriculum are running, skipping, rolling, swinging, turning, jumping and landing.

Gymnastics is a sport for everyone, young and old. It provides an opportunity to challenge yourself physically, and explore various forms of movement in a fun and creative activity.

Benefits derived from gymnastics training include increased flexibility, strength, balance, coordination, and agility. In addition, whether the student is five or 15 years old, gymnastics challenges each participant individually. Breaking down skills into progressions appropriate for each student and within their ability to achieve assures of individual success. The teacher will always begin with all students on the basics, and will only move those students who have demonstrated they are ready on to more advanced skills.

For example, in one class some students will be working on forward rolls while others may be ready for cartwheels. This step-by-step “success ladder” helps to raise self-esteem and confidence, and creates for children, an anticipation of future success.

Gymnastics help children become stronger and more flexible. When a child does something they worked hard at, they tend to feel good about themselves. Recreational gymnastics is intended to be fun and make children feel good about themselves. The skills and determination young gymnasts learn can benefit them in all aspects of their lives.

Gymnastics gives children confidence in their bodies and their ability to control their movement. It teaches them that being flexible and being strong is a part of being healthy. And it teaches them that they can succeed in things they at first thought they could not do. This helps build self confidence and self-esteem.

Gymnastics is a great way for youth to exercise and learn the way their body works. They learn about the importance of stretching and conditioning their bodies and how it helps them lead healthy lifestyles.

In recreational gymnastics, kids are not competing against each other or other gyms, but rather they work on certain skills and improve within themselves.

Children love to have something to look forward to. Going to gymnastics is something for them to look forward to. It is a place to have fun and release all their built up energy from being at school all day. It is also a place where children make valuable friendships and have positive experiences, which later turn into wonderful memories.

Having fun, developing fitness, and acquiring fundamental skills are the goals of all of Recreational Gymnastics.

Cangym Badge Program

The Cangym National Badge Program is Gymnastics Canada’s national skill development and evaluation program for Men’s and Women’s Artistic Gymnastics. This program is intended for use with participants of varying abilities ages 6 and older, including beginner level participants through to entry level competitive gymnasts. Utilizing the Cangym badge program allows participants, coaches, and parents to monitor progress in addition to being a motivational tool for athletes.

The Cangym program includes 3 levels of skill progressions based on Gymnastics Canada’s Fun, Fitness and Fundamentals educational philosophy, which helps to create a friendly and stimulating environment for all participants. Each level consists of 4 badges for a total of 12 different coloured badges that participants receive upon successful completion of that badge. Within the Bronze level there is a focus on mastering fundamental movement patterns. Within the Silver level, the focus is on mastering fundamental skills on Men’s and Women’s Artistic apparatus, while the Gold level focusing on mastering the identified target skills.

The Cangym Program binder is bilingual and comes complete with 5 distinct badge description sections outlining the skills in each level, and also includes original Participant Evaluation Forms and Progress Reports, along with Certificates of Participation and Completion that can be given to the participants. In addition, the Cangym program includes a selection of sample coach’s comments and routines which coaches can utilize near the end of the term.

This program can be adapted to a wide variety of age groups and abilities, and, paired with an enthusiastic coaching staff will help your club develop skilled and confident gymnasts. The second edition of the Cangym – Artistic is endorsed by Olympic Champion Kyle Shewfelt.