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National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP)

The Manitoba Gymnastics Association has guidelines that must be followed with regards to coaching in Manitoba. All Coaches must be certified under the NCCP program.


  1. Gymnastics related NCCP programs within Manitoba are under the jurisdiction of the MGA, in co-operation with Sport Manitoba and the Coaching Association of Canada.
  2. All NCCP Technical Courses and Practical Certification are under the jurisdiction of the MGA and must be arranged through the MGA office. NCCP Theory Courses are arranged through Sport Manitoba.

General Policies

  1. All coaches, artistic, and trampoline and tumbling, sixteen years of age and older, must complete the Gymnastics Foundations as soon as possible, preferably within the current program year.
  2. By August 31, 2004, clubs that offer regional stream and higher level programs who wish to become members of the MGA, must retain the services of a head coach who has full NCCP Level 1 Certification or is a Trained Gymnastics Foundations Coach. All coaches participating in any sanctioned competition held in Manitoba must be fully certified minimum NCCP Level 1 or Trained Gymnastics Foundations Coaches.

Program Outline

The NCCP Program offers four levels of training and education for coaches:

  • Gymnastics Foundations (Formerly Level 1)
  • Competition 1 (Formerly Level 2)
  • Competition 2
  • Competition 3
  • Competition 4

Course Fees

      1. The course fees for NCCP Technical Courses are set by the MGA on an annual basis.
      2. The minimum age to receive certification in a NCCP Technical Course is sixteen years.

Clinic Hosting and Scheduling

      1. The MGA will organize and schedule NCCP Technical Courses when and where interest has been expressed. A minimum of 7 participants is required to ensure courses will not be cancelled. Clubs may request the MGA office to organize clinics in their area or at their club. All courses will be open to any coach with the proper certification. All others will be considered to be auditing the course.
      2. Course fees and administration for all NCCP Courses will be processed and retained by the MGA office.

Upcoming Courses

Evaluation Packets:

Gymnastics Foundations Coach Evaluation Guide

Comp 1 Coach Evaluation Guide

Check Your Certification: Visit the CAC Locker to access your coaching records, update your personal information (name, address, e-mail address etc.), obtain a printable official transcript and more! To access your information you must know your NCCP #.

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