Coaches Programs

The Manitoba Gymnastics Association has guidelines that must be followed with regards to being a registered coach in Manitoba, view our Policies and Procedures for more information. All Coaches must be certified under the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP).

  • Gymnastics Foundations
  • Competition 1
  • Competition 2
  • Competition 3
  • Competition 4

Upcoming Artistic & Trampoline Courses

  • Please reach out to your club directly for more information.

Maintenance of NCCP Certification

  • NCCP Certified coaches are required to collect Professional Development points to maintain their level of certification.
    • Gymnastics Foundations coaches must collect 10 points over a 5 year period
    • Competition 1 coaches must collect 20 points over a 5 year period
  • The following chart shows how PD Points can be obtained.
  • The amount of PD Points a coach has can be found in the Locker under a coaches’ NCCP number.
  • Coaches who fail to obtain the required points within the time period allotted will be considered “Not Renewed” in their certification and must collect the points before receiving their “Certified” status again.

Individual Coaching Resources

Club Coaching Resources